Refund Policy

Read Them Carefully
Campaign Refund
An advertiser can at anytime close an advertising campaign created at Poptier Ad Network. All remaining budget within that Advertising Campaign will return into his Poptier Wallet.

All available funds that are displayed into the advertiser's account are refundable into an e-wallet (paypal or paxum).

If the advertiser received bonuses for it's deposits, the equivalent amount of those bonuses will be taken from advertiser's Poptier Wallet. The remaining funds after bonuses removal will be considered as available refundable balance.

Refunding your current available balance into an e-wallet is commissioned with 4% of the requested amount and will be paid withing 72h from the requested date.

Any funds that was deposited and are still available into advertiser's account can be refunded within 6 months from the initial deposit. Any funds that has exceed that time will not be subject of a proper refund but can still be used as advertising credits within Poptier Advertising Network.
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