Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum deposit?
AYou can deposit as much as you want but to create an advertisment campaign the minimum budget must be $50 USD.
AOur minimum price is $0.30 for 1000 impressions. But note that FMN Ad Network is a based on bidding. So the highest price it is the faster you will receive traffic.
AIf you don't receive traffic yet, you could try with a bigger CPM bid. Please note we may not have traffic for your selected targeting, we recommend to contact us for more traffic availability.
AYou can deposit funds using Paypal, Paxum or via Bank Transfer for amounts that are bigger than $1000 USD.
AYes, but you will need to pay multiple times. We recommend to contact us first in order to prevent account restriction.
ANo, you can check changes over your stats every 5 minutes.
AYes, you can block bad sources directly from stats section at "stats by websites" or you can contact a manager to help you with your campaign optimization.


Frequently Asked Questions
AWe do not accept websites with more than 2M alexa, websites that are not updated or website created in the last 3 months. You can check our Terms of Services for more information.
ATo withdraw your funds you need to reach the $10 USD threshold.
AAfter 24h you request a withdraw that means you will get your money right away. However if you request a withdraw on friday or saturday you might receive your funds on monday.
AWe can pay you via Paypal, Paxum and Bitcoin
AOur ad network is based on a biding system. If your rates drop that means that we might not have ads for your visitors or some advertisers just blocked your zone. Just contact us for more information related to your account.
AYou can check your stats every 5 minutes, but you should wait up to 24h to get full statistical information.
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