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You can purchase ads from just $0.30 / 1000 impressions world wide!
* Poptier is a CPM ( cost per 1000 impressions ) bidding ad network system. Keep in mind, other partners may already have placed the same bid before you, they might get the traffic first. So the higher the price it is, the faster you'll get traffic.
Parse Our Tracking Tokens
You can parse our available tokens to track the quality of our traffic in your own system like voluum.
Check Your Statistics
We are updating our stats every 5 minutes so you will be able to check how your campaign perform really fast.
Block Non Convertible Zones
Block websites that are not convertible for your particular campaign. This will reduce the cost of your campaign.
Maximize Your Profit
By using our tools and getting our selected traffic, we believe that we could maximize your profit.
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